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Refund Policies

Refund Policy Send A Gift:
Shipping & processing fee for all orders will not be refunded once we start processing within hours an order is placed. (In most cases, this is $5.00)
100% refund in case an item is not available, out of stock and not able to be delivered.
Refund on items damaged during delivery will be verified and dealt on case basis. (This is only available for home delivery orders done by Metro Malayali agents, not valid on deliveries by third party suppliers.)

No refund on order placed with wrong or invalid phone number. You may provide a valid number and the delivery will be scheduled for the next business day. (To avoid this situation, kindly make sure the number provided is a working number and in situation where the gift is not a surprise, kindly let the recipient know about the delivery.)

No refund on personalized custom gifts such as name or message engravings, custom cake etc after processing. No refund on items which are in shipped status.

Restricted refunds are available on some of the electronics such as cameras, DVD players, home theatre, music players, TVs, other gadgets and appliances from specific vendors. These refunds are initiated once you notify us within 3 days of receiving the specific item. Refunds are not processed after 3 days of delivery (There is no exception to this rule). Restocking fee may apply in certain instances.

Credit given via coupon code (as determined by management) requires a minimum order purchase of $24.99 on subsequent orders.
Since all cases are different, the management at Metro Malayali reserves the right to take final decision on all refunds.


Refund Policy for Travel bookings.

Metromalayali allows the cancellation of the events/trips booked through this website. The cancellation and refund policy for each event will be different and as per given in the details of that particular event. In cases where cancellation and refund policy has not been mentioned, in those events general cancellation and refund rules will apply which have been described below. The users are strongly advised to read the cancellation and refund policy given in the details section for each event while booking the event/trips.

The refund in event of cancellation will depend on the date of cancellation and as per details provided below:

From the booking date till 14 days prior to the date of event/trip: 80% refund
From 7 to 14 days prior to the date of event/trip: 60% refund
From 1 to 7 days prior to the date of event/trip: 30% refund
Less than 1 day prior to the date of event/trip: No refund

If the customers are not provided with the services as given in the event details/itenarary, it will be metromalayali.in responsibility to refund the amount to the customer. For any quality related concerns/claims, customers should contact to the vendor/group organizing the event. In such cases, any settlement will be done under the sole respnsibility of the group/vendor organizing it and by the organizer group itself. 
Amount, as per the above stated rules, will be refunded within 10 working days from the date of cancellation via online transfer mode only to the bank account of the customer who originally bought the trip.