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KSEB (Kerala State Electricty Board) - Online Bill payment Services

KSEB’s online portal kseb.in, provides the way to pay your electricity bills online. It accepts netbanking, credit cards and debit cards to complete the payment and delivers a receipt at the end of it. One just has to fill in the customer number, select an electrical section and enter a debit or credit card to be used for payment. There is no registration or login required to make the payment.  

Steps to pay the electricity bill online

1.Go to http://wss.kseb.in/selfservices/quickpay

2. Enter your electrical section

3.You will be redirected to Oruma online- The LT consumer portal of KSEB

4.Provide your bill details, 

a) Electrical section

b) Consumer Number 

c) Bill number

5) Enter your email id and mobile number

6) Now click on 'Proceed to pay bill' 

7) View your pending bills 

8) Select the required payment option and proceed to payment.

9) Upon successful payment, a receipt is provided.