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Steps for Payment of water charge through online payment using Kerala Water Authority website

Step 1 : Click the new link " Create new account " for registering.

Step 2 : Give the details and security keyword as directed and click the button " Create Account ". The registration details can be got from the bill as shown in the next page.

Step 3 : After successful submission, following message will be displayed. To log in click on the " here ".

Step 4 : Enter the login ID and password to log in.

Step 5 : Name, Address, Bill Number, Bill Date, Bill amount will be displayed and then click to " Proceed " button.

Step 6 : After click " Proceed ", the page will be forwarded to the BillDesk site where the consumer has to opt the payment option and furnish the details as required to make the payment.

Step 7 : An output containing Name, Address and Bill details will be generated. This output can be printed or saved for future references.

Step 8 : After successfully completing the payment, the consumer can go back to the home page using the " Back to the Home page " link or log out using the " Log Out " link.

NB : 

    * An additional charge of Rs. 10/- transaction for net banking will be charged.

    * 2% of the transaction value for Credit Cards.

    * For failed transaction the debited amount will be reserved back to your account within the time limit of the designated bank.

If you have any question or doubts regarding this service, contact The Kerala Water Authority Database Administrator in the e-mail address below

[email protected]