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Kerala Motor Vehicle Department e-Payment

The following Citizen services has been enabled for online application and e-Payment through the department portal (http://www.keralamvd.gov.in )

1. New Learner's License ( LL ), Driving License ( DL )               10. Duplicate RC (FEES & Service Charge )

    and Booking of LL Test Date (FEES & Service Charge )          11. Change if Address in RC ( FEES & Service Charge )

2. License Particulars ( FEES & Service Charge )                         12. Registration Renewal  (FEES & Service Charge ) 

3. Change of Address in DL ( FEES & Service )                           13. Endorse Hypothecation  (FEES & Service Charge ) 

4. Badge for Transport Vehicle 9 FEES & Service Charge )          14. Cancel Hypothecation  (FEES & Service Charge ) 

5. Addition of Class in DL ( FEES & Service Charge )                  15. Transfer of Ownership  (FEES & Service Charge ) 

6. Duplicate License ( FEES & Service Charge )                           16. No Objection Certificate  (FEES & Service Charge ) 

7. License Renewal ( FEES & Service Charge )                            17. Re- Assignment ( RMA)  (FEES & Service Charge ) 

8. Change of Other State DL ( FEES & Service Charge )              18. CF Test application & Booking CF Test Date                                                                                                                          (  FEES & Service Charge )     

 9. RC Particulars ( FEES & Service Charge )                               19. New Vehicle Registration ( Through Dealers ) ( FEES ,                                                                                                             TAX, CESS & Service Charge )

Instructions to submit online application and make the e- Payment

  1. Citizens may submit the online application ( e- Application ) for the desired services through the MVD portal ( http://keralamvd.gov.in ) to the RTO/ SRTO office to which the citizen want to submit the e-Application. Care Should betaken to select the correct RTO/SRTO to which the online application request is to be reached.
  2. ' E- Application registration Number ' will be generated by the MVD system after accepting the e-Application in the MVD central server and the E-Application ID will be messaged to the applicant through SMS and E-MAIL
  3. After registering the e-Application, the MVD system will show the amount required to be paid for the service. ( Either FEE + SERVICE CHARGE + FINE ( if required ) or FEE + SERVICE CHARGE + TAX + CESS )
  4. Amount can be paid through the e-payment facility provided in the MVD portal. E-Payment confirmation details will be messaged to the applicant though SMS and E-MAIL.
  5. The duly signed printed forms generated from the MVD portal, e-Pay receipt and the orginal certificates for the proof of age  / address etc. may be submitted to the respective RTO/ SRTO.
  6. The submitted online application will be downloaded along with e-Pay receipt to the RTO / SRTO in a regular interval.
  7. Downloaded online application will be inward in the RTO/ SRTO at hte time of receiving the duly signed printed forms in the RTO/ SRTO nd the inward number will be generated. Inward details will be messaged to the applicant SMS and E-Mail.
  8. The online application will be processed through the digital work flow in the  RTO / SRTO office. For the new vehile registration, newly allotted vehicle number will be messaged to the application though SMS and E-Mail.
  9. From the dispatchm the DL / RC will be sent to the applicant through speed post. Document dispatched status along with the speed post reference number will be messaged to the applicant though SMS and E-Mial.
  10. By giving the Inward number or e-Application Number, the applicant can view the application status through the department portal or through SMS request.