Kerala E-District project intend to provide Government services to citizens through Common Service Centers (CSC) which are easily accessible. Services from different departments are brought under one umbrella at any CSC. Some of the services are also made available through online portal. It utilizes backend computerization to e-enable the delivery of services and ensures transparency and uniform application of rules. The project involves integrated and seamless delivery of services to public by automation, integration and incorporating Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR) where ever required. In a nutshell E-District is a tailor made program for minimizing effort and time to provide prompt and effective services to the public. 

To avail E-District services first do the ‘Portal user Registration’ or ‘Official user Registration’

Step 1: Click on ‘New portal user creation’

Step 2: Fill the mandatory details like ‘Name’, ‘Gender’, ‘Date of Birth’, ‘House Name’, ‘Place’, ‘Locality’,

              ‘District’, ‘Mobile Number’, ‘Aadhaar Number’, ‘E-mail id’, ‘Password’, etc.

Step 3: Click ‘Validate’ and verify details

Step 4: Click ‘Submit’ button, you will get ‘User’ name and ‘Password’


Instructions to fill the Income Certificate Application Online:

Step 1: Login E-district services using your ‘User name’ and ‘password’

Step 2: Click on the menu ‘Registration’          ‘One Time Registration’.

Step 2: Fill all the details carefully

Step 3: Click ‘Check duplicate’ button and verify the details you entered.

Step 4: Click ‘Submit’ button you will get your Register number and note it.

Step 5: Select ‘Certificate’          ‘New Application’          ‘English’/’Malayalam’     ⇒ 'Income Certificate'           

Step 6: Enter your registration number.  Then, your details will be displayed.

Step 7: Fill the mandatory details like, ‘Purpose of the Certificate’, ‘to be produced before’,‘Your Income                       Details’, ‘Land Details’ etc.    

Step 8: Select your Category (if SC / ST/ BPL Applicants for fee concession, and enter the documents details               to prove that)

Step 9: Verify details and Click ‘Submit’ button

Step 10: Take Printout of your receipt ‘Print’ button.

Step 11: Scan and Upload the following documents [ Registration – Enclosure] (size must be less than 70 KB                   in PDF format only)

  • Ration Card including Applicants name / Residential Certificate from Local Authority (for New Ration Card)
  • Land Tax receipt
  • Salary Certificate (if needed)


  • Due date printed on the receipt, on or before that date you can download the Income Certificate from the link www.edistrict.kerala.gov.in/openSearch.do?openStat=openSearch (the certificate can be downloaded only if it is approved by Revenue Department. The application status messaged to your registered mobile number)